From Krishna to Christ

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Hello and welcome to my blog. As time permits, I will be sharing some of my experiences from growing up in the Krishna movement to an eventual conversion to Christianity. As far as who would be interested in reading this, I suppose the audience will be small, but even if it is just an old friend or two I think it will be worth the typing.

Please note that I am not here to bash the Hare Krishnas with my conversion story. I love the folks I grew up with. Many are like brothers and sisters to me. Some are still in the faith of our youth, others like me have moved on, but I know of none who are Christians. I am just here to share my journey as well as layman's thoughts on things such as theology, faith, scriptures, struggles, the temple, the church, vegetarianism (yes I still am one), etc. Perhaps it will be of interest.

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Michael 9:24 AM


Mike, the people who will eventually come to this site will probably be many.

I almost joined the Krishna movement but God in His Grace revealed the Truth to me and drew me to His Son like you.

Great site.

i just stumbled across you site. i, too, was once a devotee (though not initiated), and am currently christian. i am still struggling with some issues of faith. i am sure these will be addressed as i read through your archives. thanks for posting.


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